Utilities Inspection

d’Escoto, Inc. is a leader in natural gas utility pipeline inspection and consulting services. Our team provides a wide range of engineering consulting services and pipeline inspection to major clients, including Southern Company Gas and Peoples Gas, in both rural and urban areas. We have extensive experience working with transmission pipeline, distribution pipeline including polyethylene plastic pipe, natural gas stations and storage facilities, and medium and high-pressure vaults.

What makes d’Escoto, Inc. unique is its industry-first business model that ensures safety, work quality, staff consistency and overall project success. By engaging inspectors as direct hires, we have set a new standard for vetting, onboarding and managing staff in the pipeline inspection industry. While our staff is trained professionals, the company also takes a hands-on approach with project manager involvement throughout the project. The outcomes are higher inspector retention, greater project oversight, enhanced client engagement and ultimately the safe completion of successful projects.

Our experienced team holds important industry certifications and ensures the projects are completed safely and on schedule. Our inspection teams consist of the following:

  • Chief Inspectors
  • Chief Weld Inspectors
  • Certified Weld Inspectors
  • NACE Coating Inspectors
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) Inspectors
  • General/Utility Inspectors
  • Bore Inspectors
  • Materials Controls Inspectors
  • Office Managers
  • Compliance Quality Inspectors
  • Piping Field Coordinators
  • Restoration Field Coordinators
  • High Pressure Field Coordinator
  • Senior Field Operations Specialists


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